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At Two Aces Tactical AZ (TATAZ), we set the gold standard in firearms and tactical training. Our instructors aren’t just professionals; they’re experts chosen for their vast field experience, exceptional teaching skills, and unwavering dedication to our students. Safety is our top priority, and our training programs reflect that. With a low instructor-to-student ratio, we ensure each participant receives individualized attention, making the learning process both comprehensive and engaging. Whether you’re just starting or are a seasoned operator, TATAZ has a program tailored for you, taught by instructors who bring real-world experience to the table. Join us at TATAZ and experience firsthand why we’re globally recognized as a leading firearms and tactics institution.

Our team is eager to guide you on your path to becoming a skilled shooter and adept operator. Two Aces Tactical AZ stands as Arizona’s Premier In-Class and Online CCW Training Destination. We’re celebrated as the go-to for Arizona’s Best Concealed Carry Classes (CCW), AZ CCW, and AZ CCW Online Training. Dive into our diverse offerings, from CCW Online Courses to Advanced Firearms Training, LEO Preparation, and Tactical Combat Sessions in Arizona.

Protect yourself & your family get a CCW

Arizona does not mandate a CCW for firearm carry. Nonetheless, obtaining a CCW and pursuing extensive training is highly advisable. This preparation is crucial if you must resort to lethal force, as your actions may come under scrutiny in a court of law.

Take a Refresher class

If you’re looking to refresh your CCW knowledge, Arizona doesn’t legally require it for firearm carry. However, it’s strongly recommended to attend a CCW refresher class to ensure you’re well-prepared. In situations where lethal force might be necessary, having recent training can be invaluable, especially considering potential legal implications.

Expert Instructors

Our instructors are experienced educators who are passionate about teaching. They bring their expertise and enthusiasm to every lesson, helping our students achieve their full potential.

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