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What is SurvivalBlog?

(You can read all of SurvivalBlog back to its inception in 2005, in our archives.)

I’m James Wesley, Rawles (“JWR”), a survivalist author. I’m a former U.S. Army Intelligence officer and technical writer. I’m now a full-time novelist and part-time blogger and retreat consultant. I founded SurvivalBlog in 2005, and now serve as Senior Editor.  (To contact JWR  see our Contact Page.)

Because of SurvivalBlog, we are part of something bigger: a virtual community of some of the most brilliant people that you could ever meet. Despite our differences, we all have an interest in preparedness.

For details on JWR’s survivalist philosophy see the Precepts page.

I am a Christian, and hold to Reformed doctrine. My view of history is of the geographical determinist school. My view of economics is of the Austrian school. Politically, I am a Constitutionalist Christian libertarian. All of these have shaped my views on preparedness. HJL has very similar views.

You can also read my full biography. There is also a Wikipedia page about me and my writings.

Since its launch in 2005, SurvivalBlog has been the Internet’s most popular daily blog on survival and preparedness topics. We’ve only missed posting a couple of days in more than 12 years. There are now more than 28,200 archived SurvivalBlog feature articles, letters, and columns.Survival-Blog


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