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Honor, honesty, and integrity  form the forefront of our family-owned gun shop. At Black Dog Armory, we strive to carry out these values in everything we do as small business owners and firearm educators.Black Dog Armory officially opened in April 2018. Since then, Chuck, Gene, and Dan Cunningham have made it their mission to promote responsible gun ownership within the community. Chuck brings six years of prior experience into his role at our business. Whether you’re looking for a new pistol or gun safety classes in Fremont, CA, we’re dedicated to helping you navigate gun ownership safely and responsibly.


At Black Dog Armory, we strive to educate our customers on responsible gun ownership in all our interactions. Whether you’re looking for a new firearm or need to complete your pistol permit class in Fremont, CA, we can help.

Our customers travel from all over the Bay Area to browse our selection of firearms and products. We strive to continually provide the safest and most reliable firearms made by the finest manufacturers in the industry.

Knowledge is crucial to responsible gun ownership. We help all our customers stay informed by offering comprehensive firearms courses & services. Our classes are designed for gun owners of all skill levels and backgrounds.

Call us at 510-226-7910. We’re happy to answer all of your questions and discuss any of your concerns.

40655 Grimmer Blvd