A Message From Natural Born Prepper

I learned from an early age that I was a natural-born prepper. I learned how to take care of myself, cook, clean, and do household chores. I learned how to ‘can’ and preserve foods, grow a garden, fish, and hunt. I learned about the importance of family and community, who to trust, and who to learn and grow from. I learned how to take care of myself and my family. To me, these are the most important things in life.

Later, as I became a teenager and more curious about the world around us, I learned about technology, tools, and what they had to offer. I learned about mechanics, construction, and how electricity and other forms of energy work to empower everything in our daily lives.

I learned how to fix and maintain everything from my first Mustang ‘banana-seat’ bicycle to my off-road dirt bikes, and eventually how to rebuild motors and fix my own cars. I helped my dad build a house and when I eventually bought my first house, I learned how to build a deck, build a fence, replace a roof, lay concrete, and generally fix almost everything myself. This was the way it was not so long ago.

Today, I cringe at the fact that many young people no longer learn these valuable skills for themselves. Instead, they have been taught (conditioned by ‘the system’) to rely on other people and organizations to do these things for them—for a fee. As systems become more and more complex, we lose the ability to understand how they work and thus, fix them ourselves. But don’t worry, technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT will do these things for you (sic).

After graduating, I moved into a career in computer science, and I learned early on how to operate and program mainframe computers (around the same time as our friend Bill), evolving my expertise over time into modern-day systems, programming software, and eventually architecting, designing, and building complex systems in data management, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI).

I learned from a unique perspective about what systems are, how they work, and how data (the lifeblood flowing through them) is an integral part of them that empowers and drives the most complex and sophisticated systems in our world today. I learned these things because I have an insatiable appetite to understand how everything works.

Most importantly, I learned how ‘systems’ work and how they all inevitably become outdated or fail and need to be replaced by newer systems. I suppose you could say that everything I’ve learned in my life has been preparing me for these times when our complex systems will ultimately fail and no longer exist in their current state or form to support us.

Society has changed all of us and made us become dependent on ‘the system,’ or like we say in the field of enterprise architecture, ‘the system of systems.’ The knowledgeable (informed ones) know this and have, for the most part, maintained and developed control over the data and processes to build our current societal systems. But our population has now become too large for our alien master’s to effectively manage us.

Further, they know from the past that their systems too will inevitably fail, and thus, they have been busy over the past decades coordinating and putting into place a new design for a new, improved system – once they inevitably destroy (and reset) their old.

This was never science fiction. If you have recently ‘woken up,’ you will inevitably see that this pattern has occurred many times in the past. The evidence has been hidden from us. This time, however, because of our adoption into newer, advanced technologies like digital currencies, identity management, and artificial intelligence, they endeavor to reset their system into a new one, this time to enslave us all – if only we let them.

It is my hope that we come together into prepping communities and exercise our free will to defeat this dubious plan and return to the way it was meant to be. Their greatest fear is you, us waking up and learning our real history. Our greatest strength has always been our love, hope, and faith—in numbers.

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