Gold Membership (Yearly)

    $29.95 / year with a 30-day free trial

    Yearly subscription to Prepping Communities Gold Membership.

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    Gold Membership Features and Benefits!


    All the features and benefits of Silver Membership PLUS

    Create and Manage Groups

    • Create Your Own Prepping Community Groups.
    • Groups can be Public (Open) or Private (Closed).
    • Open Groups can be joined by any Member at anytime with a simple click of the JOIN button.
    • Closed Groups require Members to request to join where you can either accept or reject their request.

    Moderate and Manage Your Groups

    As a Prepping Community Group Owner / Manager, you will central control over your Group for Group activities like;

    • Your own Group Chat
    • Creating and Managing Group Events
    • Moderating Membership requests.
    • Changing Member Post status.
    • Appending notes to Member Posts.
    • Broadcasting messages to Members using built in messaging.
    • Inviting other Members through messaging to join your Group.
    • Invite non-Prepping Communities members to join your Group through email.
    • Suspending, activating and removing Members in your Group.
    • Maintaining and moderating your Group Wall.