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Join our growing number of Members and Community Groups, of people just like you, dedicated to preparedness and becoming self-sufficient.

Our mission is to help bring people together to build communities that will plan and prepare for the difficult times ahead.

We believe in the power of a grassroots effort for people to help one another by connecting, preparing and sharing information and resources, through Groups, Members and Postings.

Find, join or start local communities (or Groups) to meet and collaborate with fellow preppers and homesteaders in your area. Join as many prepping communities as you like.

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Membership is Free – Always! Members can find and join local groups, find and friend request other Members, send and receive text messages, register for group events and chat online with other Members in Group Chat, or Individual Chat.

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Members can also create Postings in any one of the many categories like barter, trade, for-sale, community events, food storage and preservation, emergency preparedness, health and medicine, hunting and fishing, property and homesteading, security and defense, etc.

Create as many Postings as you need to advertise your business, your products and/or your services locally, or post something for barter, for sale or for trade, like classified ads.

Create Postings to inform and share information. Show people how to garden, how to preserve food, find and filter water, how to survive in the cold, or how to build a homestead. The possibilities are endless.

Once you create a Posting, people can find and share them easily using keyword searches, categories and even using Maps.

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